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What bank issues my Credit Card?
Your Credit Card is issued by Barclays Bank Delaware.
Who is Barclays and how can I find additional information about them?
Barclays Bank Delaware is the U.S. credit card operations of Barclays PLC. Full information can be found by visiting www.BarclaycardUS.com.
How can I contact Customer Service about my Credit Card?
Please contact Customer Service at the number on the back of your card. If your card is not available, please call .
What if I want to cancel my Credit Card Account?
Please contact Customer Service at the number on the back of your card. If your card is not available, please call .
What should I do if my Credit Card is lost or stolen?
To report a lost or stolen Credit Card, please call Customer Service at as soon as you discover that your Card is missing. Please be ready to tell us:
  • The suspected location, date and time of your Credit Card loss.
  • Details of your recent Credit Card activity.
  • Police report information if your Credit Card was stolen.
Upon receiving your report of a lost or stolen Credit Card, we'll immediately block your account so no unauthorized charges can be made. If there are other authorized users on your Credit Card account but only one Credit Card is missing, additional Cards won't need to be replaced since they each have their own account numbers.
Can I use my Credit Card while traveling outside of the United States?
Yes. Your Credit Card is accepted worldwide.
How can I contact you while traveling outside of the United States?
Please call us free of charge, using the toll-free telephone number on the back of your Credit Card. As a precaution before traveling, you should also write down this telephone number and keep it in a safe place in the event that you lose your Card.
How can I remove an authorized user from my Credit Card account?
If you wish to remove a user from your Credit Card account, simply call Customer Service at . One of our representatives will be glad to assist you with your request.
I haven't received my statement. What should I do?
Please allow 7-10 days from the date your billing period closes to receive your paper statement. If you still haven't received your statement after this period, please call Customer Service at . If you are enrolled in Paperless Statements, you'll receive an account alert when your statement is ready online. Since you get your statements electronically, you won't be mailed a paper copy. You can view your past statements any time, simply by logging in to the website.
Will I have separate statements if I hold more than one Credit Card with Barclays?
Yes. You'll receive a statement for each account you have with us.
I sometimes "time out" of online or mobile Credit Card account servicing. Why?
To help protect your privacy, we'll automatically sign you out of the website after 20 minutes of inactivity.
Where can I mail my credit card payment?
You may mail your credit card payment to the following address:

Credit Card Payments
P.O. Box 13337
Philadelphia, PA 19101-3337
What are some tips to remember when making purchases?
  • Always review the merchant cancellation and/or refund policy before committing to a purchase
  • When making an internet transaction, read the merchant's terms and conditions, especially when accepting trial offers (Be cautious of pre-checked terms/conditions which may unintentionally enroll you for additional products or services)
  • Insist on credit slip when face-to-face transactions are voided or duplicated.
  • Keep copies or print invoices, email confirmations, merchant website addresses, contracts, etc. for future reference if necessary.
What are some tips to remember when returning or canceling a transaction?
  • Obtain cancellation numbers/codes or operator id information when cancelling service/merchandise
  • Save any return receipts or confirmations of returned merchandise
  • Return products or cancel services in accordance with merchant's stated terms and conditions.
  • Never refuse or destroy cancelled merchandise upon delivery, always accept parcel and return with proper tracking.
What is the FDIC?
The FDIC is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Its mission is to maintain the stability of, and public confidence in, the nation's financial system. The FDIC is one of Barclays Bank Delaware's primary regulators. To achieve this goal, the FDIC has insured deposits and promoted safe and sound banking practices since 1933.
What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act?
The FCRA is a US law that governs, among other things, the reporting of credit information used by credit bureaus.
I'm a U.S. citizen living abroad. Can I apply for an account?
No, at this time you cannot apply for an account.